AABB Accredited Testing

When making a choice of a company to work with for your DNA testing, you may see the term AABB accredited used. DNA Accreditation ensures a lab meets high standards of proficiency and accuracy in performing DNA testing. DNA Testing Experts will only allow AABB accredited labs to contract with us to perform testing services for our clients.

AABB AccreditedAABB is an international, not-for-profit association, formerly known as the American Association of Blood Banks. Any laboratory accredited by AABB gets an on-site inspection of the laboratory every other year. AABB checks the testing protocols and the lab equipment and also checks all documentation in a random number of individual DNA tests. They make certain that every accredited laboratory is following accepted procedures, and is performing at least the minimum required level of testing. Doctors, nurses, researchers, scientists and a wide variety of different types of health care providers are members of AABB. AABB membership spans over 80 countries and institutions in more than 50 countries are accredited by AABB.

There is no law that requires a DNA laboratory to be accredited. However, DNA accreditation is the only way to ensure that an individual has DNA testing performed in a manner likely to result in a reliable conclusion.

There are only a few accreditations that have relevance and importance to a DNA laboratory. Some laboratories will try to show accreditations that have nothing to do with DNA relationship testing in order to look better to potential clients. DNA Testing Experts’ partner laboratories have the following accreditations:

By far the most important one, for testing performed in the United States, is accreditation by the AABB. Other accreditations are as follows:

ISO 17025 — This is an international accreditation for paternity and forensic testing. This accreditation is significant for non-U.S. residents doing paternity testing.

Proficiency Testing — All DNA laboratories that are AABB accredited get sent DNA samples several times per year from agencies that are AABB accredited for proficiency testing. Our labs must process these DNA samples and issue the results back to the agencies that we received them from. These proficiency tests are one way that AABB makes certain that DNA testing centers laboratories continue to follow accepted scientific procedure. Our partner labs receives such samples from a number of agencies including the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

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