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Avuncular DNA Testing

Avuncular DNA testing, also commonly referred to as an Aunt and Uncle DNA test, is another alternate way to test for paternity with the brother or sister of the suspected father when he is not available. It determines if a person is biologically related to a sibling of the father in question.

Siblings will share some DNA in common with their aunt or uncle. Siblings share approximately 50% of their DNA with their parents and around 25% of their DNA with an aunt or uncle. The aunt and uncle DNA test will show a probability percentage that a relationship exists between the people being tested.

Avuncular DNA testing allows the brother or sister of the parent in question to have their DNA tested to help verify their biological relationships with a possible niece or nephew. A biological parent may not be available for testing for a variety of reasons and the avuncular test is an accurate way to determine paternity or maternity without the suspected parent having to take a DNA test.

Since an aunt or uncle only share 25% of common DNA the avuncular DNA test will not provide as conclusive results as a direct paternity or maternity DNA test would, however, in situations where the mother or father in question are unwilling, unavailable, missing or deceased then the aunt or uncle test is an alternate option for helping to determine paternity or maternity.

How Avuncular DNA Testing Works

When avuncular DNA testing is performed the DNA profiles of the aunt or uncle and nephew or niece are matched to see if there are a certain number of matching markers between the profiles.

If the probability of relationship is 80% or higher the biological relationship is highly likely and if it is 90.9% or higher the biological relationship is confirmed. If the probability of relationship is 10% or lower then this indicates the genetic evidence does not support the relationship. Anything in between would be considered inconclusive and adding a parent’s DNA would be advised to allow for a more conclusive result.

An avuncular DNA test will help to provide you with an indication of the likelihood of whether or not you are biologically related to the aunt or uncle.

Our Avuncular DNA Testing is the Most Accurate Testing Available!

In our Avuncular DNA Testing, we examine 25 specific genetic markers of the aunt or uncle and analyze them to determine the statistical probability that an individual is the biological aunt or uncle of a particular child (minor or adult). We can test an aunt or uncle without including the mother’s DNA sample with accurate results, however, we do suggest adding the mother’s DNA sample if at all possible. DNA Testing Experts does not charge an additional fee to test the mother’s DNA sample if it is submitted at the same time as the other DNA samples.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Avuncular DNA Testing

A child will share 25% matching DNA with both a grandparent or an aunt and uncle. It is just a matter of who is available for testing. Avuncular and grandparent testing will be equally accurate.

Not a problem! We often do “split-testing” where we send DNA collection kits to different addresses. Each kit provided to both addresses has the same case number on it and is registered with our testing lab so the samples will be matched with the same case once they all arrive at the lab.

Yes you can. This is our “Make Your Own Kit” option. We will send you the case number and the mailing address of where to mail the samples to for testing once we have received your order. There is a section on the order form to select the option to not have anything mailed to you. Just select that option and nothing will ever be mailed to your address.

Our results are 100% accurate based on the DNA samples provided. We do avuncular DNA testing all the time without the mother with conclusive results. However, about 20 out of 1000 tests will require the mother to add her DNA sample to help the lab determine conclusive results. Including the mother’s DNA will allow the lab technicians to back her genetic profile out of the equation leaving only the paternal genetic profile to be compared thereby boosting the conclusiveness of the probability of relationship.

We understand not everyone has a degree in genetics so we make sure the results are interpreted in plain English and are easy to interpret. We are also available for any questions you might have after you get your results.