Why You Should Choose Us

You need to trust the company that will perform your DNA test. We’ve written a Customer Commitment to you so you know what you can expect from us.

  1. We commit to provide you with accurate results. We test each sample twice on exclusions to ensure absolute accuracy, and use only trained and experienced professionals when conducting your testing.
  2. We commit to you that we will hold all information about you and your case in complete confidence. We will not share your results with anyone without your permission. We will not share your information with national or international databases or agencies. Your DNA is private and you have a right to determine how or when it is used.
  3. We commit to provide you with exceptional customer service. You will receive an experienced personal case manager, who will guide you through the testing process from start to finish.
  4. We commit to provide you with fair and honest pricing. We will never have hidden charges, and we will provide the most competitive prices possible. We don’t believe in taking advantage of your situation to help you get the answers you need that are life changing in almost every case.