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Paternity DNA tests are used to conclusively confirm or exclude the relationship of an alleged or potential father with a particular child. The most popular type of paternity testing is the home paternity test that you take for your own personal knowledge. A legal paternity test would be taken when the test results matter in a legal case of some kind.

How Paternity Testing Works

Everyone has a unique DNA blueprint that they are born with. Children inherit one half of their DNA from their mother and the other half of their DNA from their father. Matching the DNA markers between the child and biological parents provides a definitive way to conclusively establish biological relationships. Consequently, DNA testing is now the standard method accepted to determine identity within the legal and scientific communities.

A DNA paternity test compares a child’s DNA blueprint against the father in question’s DNA blueprint to determine if there are matching markers. If the potential father doesn’t have the matching DNA markers then he cannot possibly be the biological father.  If the potential father does have these matching DNA markers, then he cannot be excluded as the biological father and the probability of paternity, in most cases, will be more than 99.9% and he is conclusively considered to be the biological father.

When a home paternity test is performed in an accredited laboratory, which guarantees up to date proficiency standards of training and testing, it’s the most definitive proof of a biological relationship — Accuracy is 100% guaranteed.

Private Home Paternity DNA Test Kits

Private home paternity DNA tests are commonly called non-legal tests. They provide the same information as a legal DNA test and are tested in an AABB accredited lab just like the legal paternity tests, the only difference is that they do not need to follow a chain of custody in the collection because they are not intended for use or usable in a court of law. If you just want to know this information for your own peace of mind but do not need to use that information in a court case, you may wish to use our home paternity DNA testing kits.

Guaranteed to Be 100% Accurate!

Our private home paternity test uses 24 markers instead of the industry standard 16 markers for the highest accuracy possible in a home paternity test.  It is possible to get false positives using a 16 marker test that is why we insist on using 24 markers in our paternity tests instead of 16 because you deserve to know the absolute truth!

There is little difference in cost, but the DNA test results are a 1000 times more conclusive and accurate using a 24 marker home paternity test instead of the industry standard 16 marker test used by most other companies offering paternity DNA testing!

In order for an alleged father to be determined conclusively as the child’s biological father the potential father must match on a total of 23 of the 24 markers with the tested child.  22 or fewer matching markers will automatically exclude a potential father from any possibility as being the biological father.

DNA Testing Experts’ home paternity test provides the same test results as a legal paternity test, under AABB accredited laboratory conditions, the only difference is there is no chain of custody protocol or the additional cost of a third party Certified DNA Collector.  You can be certain that your home paternity test results will be 100% accurate.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Paternity Testing

Yes! We can test “non-standard” DNA samples. Common items that people test are toothbrushes, hair with the roots attached, dental floss, blood stains and ear wax. For more information about non-standard samples please visit our information page at Alternative Samples.

No problem! Most of the testing we do is “split-testing” where we send DNA collection kits to different locations. Each kit is identified by the same case number and registered with our testing lab which allows the samples to be matched once they all arrive.

Of course! We refer to this as our Make Your Own Kit option. We will provide you with a case number and the address to send the samples to for processing once you have submitted your order form. There is a place on the order form to select the option to not have anything mailed to you. Just select that option and nothing will ever be sent to your address.

We want to make sure your results are always protected and private. You will be able to access your results on a private page only you can see. This page is where your results will be available for you to see and to be able to print if you want a copy to keep in a safe place.

Yes. We know not everyone has a degree in genetics, and therefore we make sure the results are easy to read and understand. We are always available for questions after your results are ready as well.