Scientific proof if your partner is not being faithful

The question of do I have a cheating spouse is unfortunately a normal question now to ask in most marriages. Sexual infidelity is a common issue in many relationships and unfaithfulness is the number one reason for divorce and breakups world wide. In many studies it is conservatively approximated that over 60% of husbands and 40% of wives will cheat at some point during the course of their marriage.

It is a sensitive subject that often is not easy to find “evidence” to prove. In your gut you feel like you know the truth but then how can you be sure it is not just imagination or paranoia? Well infidelity is no longer a guessing game. DNA testing can provide a conclusive way to find out if you have a cheating spouse or not.

Have you discovered suspicious items such as unexplainable stains on clothing or sheets or other items?

With infidelity DNA testing the items you send us such as underwear, condoms, bed sheet swatches, etc. that have suspected fluids on them can be tested to determine if DNA from a male or female or both was on the suspicious items. If the items tested are confirmed to contain DNA we can then perform a comparative analysis to identify whose DNA it is.

At DNA Testing Experts we know how emotionally devastating suspecting having a cheating spouse can be and how it can destroy relationships and even entire families so we handle each case with care, discretion and compassion and provide the most accurate and conclusive results possible.

Considering the life changing consequences of these answers to your suspicions make sure you are getting the most accurate testing possible. It would be tragic to break up a relationship or stay when you should leave over a false result. The cheap self test kits you can buy online will simply test for substances that glow under a UV light but that doesn’t necessarily mean if it glows it is semen. Blood and urine also glow under a UV light. These tests risk giving you a false positive result that will cause more harm than good. The DNA testing we do is discreet, accurate and can give you the answers you need to know quickly.

Sources of DNA That Can be Used for Cheating Spouse Infidelity Testing

During the course of sex and even for days afterward, semen and vaginal fluids can be transferred to undergarments, panties, feminine products, clothes, sheets and a variety of other types of items. Semen can also stay in the vagina for up to five days after sex; and can still be detected for an even longer period of time when it becomes a dried stain.

The types of samples you can send us vary widely and the chances of us being able to successfully extract DNA profiles depends on the samples you send in to us. Often items can contain enough DNA for analysis but there may be exceptions. In some cases the amount of DNA in the sample may just be too small for any significant analysis; other issues could be the DNA sample provided is contaminated with chemicals or mold (if it was stored in a plastic bag) which might corrupt or degrade the DNA for testing or the DNA may just be too old.

How the Infidelity DNA Testing Works

The DNA detection and comparison process has several steps to it. The first step is sending you a DNA collection kit. You would then collect a mouth swab of your DNA or the DNA of the person you wish to test the suspected items against. This swab is the control sample. After you have collected your sample you would then send it to our lab for testing. Alternative types of samples may be sent in other than a cheek swab such as hair with the roots attached, toothbrushes, nail clippings, cigarette butts, chewing gum, etc.

Infidelity DNA testing processes the item or garment you send in to detect the presence of male and/or female DNA. In the lab, if DNA is detected on the sample during the DNA detection process, then a DNA profile will be compiled. This DNA is then identified as male or female DNA and may even have multiple DNA profiles found on the tested item. You have the option to compare the DNA found on the item against your DNA control sample. This is often done to rule yourself out as a donor.

NOTE: All samples submitted will be cut up into small pieces in order for us to test. Any articles sent in will not be returned.

The infidelity DNA test results will be conclusive, 100% accurate and you will finally know the truth about whether you have a cheating spouse or not.

What Kind of Infidelity Test Should You Order?


  • Semen Detection – Order this test if all you want to find out is if there is semen on an item or not.
  • DNA Detection – Order this test if you want to know if the DNA on an item is male or female or a combination of both.
  • DNA Comparison – Order this test if you want to know if the DNA on an item matches a particular person’s DNA.
  • Results are completely confidential.
  • Get scientific proof if your partner is being unfaithful!

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