Legal DNA Tests – Paternity and Family Relationships

Ordering Legal Paternity Testing with DNA Testing Experts is a simple process. Get your legal DNA tests results quickly at the lowest prices. Legal DNA testing results are admissible in court. All testing is performed in AABB accredited laboratories. A court order is not necessary for a legal DNA test.

How is legal DNA testing different from home DNA testing?

A strict Chain of Custody procedure must be followed for legal testing. Our labs adhere to this strict chain of custody procedure to make sure your Legal DNA Test results are admissible in court.

Once your legal DNA testing is finished by our lab you will receive the results that are legally defensible to present in a court case. Our accredited labs provide the best quality legal documents for presentation in court. This includes copies of photos and the chain of custody taken at the collection site and a notarized document of your results.

When do I need a legal DNA test?

Common reason for Legal Paternity Testing include child custody, child support, tax forms, adoption, will/estate, birth certificate, military benefits, social security benefits, etc. You can test without a court order. A Legal DNA Test for private and personal knowledge is not uncommon. This option is available if legal results are needed in the future.

What types of legal DNA testing are available?

All of our DNA pricing includes the appointment setting, professional DNA collector’s fees, lab processing, and legally admissible results. There are NO additional costs.

Paternity – $199

A paternity test is done between an suspected father and a child. In order to prove paternity for court purposes, a legal paternity test is usually necessary. A legal paternity test done not require the mother to be tested, only the suspected father and child.

Sibling, Grandparent, and Aunt/Uncle – $249

Legal sibling DNA testing, as well as legal grandparent and avuncular (aunt/uncle) DNA testing, is a DNA comparison performed to determine if two individuals have one, both or no parents in common. Common reasons include the absence of the biological father and the need for Social Security benefits, probate, or birth certificate changes.

Post-Mortem – Additional $150 in addition to test fees above

In order to test a DNA sample from an autopsy or hospital, a legal DNA test is usually required as the sample must released under a chain of custody procedure. This process is actually more common than most people realize. One of our DNA Testing Experts can explain this process to you if you find yourself in this situation.

What do I need to do to get a legal DNA test?

Step 1 – Call us to schedule and appointment

Legal DNA testing requires that all samples be taken by a non-biased 3rd party collector. With thousands of facilities scattered around the nation, DNA Testing Experts will most likely have a location near you. If we do not have a location in your area, we can offer several alternatives for your collection. We will work closely with you to find a time and location that best meets your needs. When we do your scheduling, all information pertaining to the individuals being testing will need to be provided.

Step 2 – Your DNA collection appointment

You will need to arrive on time for your appointment. Be sure to bring the appropriate identification for each individual testing. Each of our DNA collection centers will have experienced DNA collectors ready for your appointment.

The DNA collection only requires a simple and painless mouth swab taken from the inside of the cheeks. The lab technician may also take a fingerprint and a photo of the individuals testing. There will be a few documents to sign, and then your DNA collection appointment will be complete.

Step 3 – Get your results

Results can be available in 3 business days, in most cases. This is after all samples are collected and received at our DNA testing lab.

Once testing has completed, you will be notified by email and provided with a legally admissible report and supporting documents, if needed.

Our accredited laboratory produces the highest quality legal documents for presentation in court and other legal matters.

Court admissible DNA results include the following documents

DNA Paternity/Relationship Report. This is a detailed document of the laboratories findings, which includes the DNA genetic profile of each person tested. It also provides the probability of paternity as well as the combined paternity index.

Notarized Findings. This report gives a detailed conclusions that is easy to understand. It is signed off by the PhD. that oversees the testing and is notarized for legal use.

Chain of Custody. This document provides the original photograph and thumbprint taken at the time of the DNA collections. It also includes the documentation of the collection, handling and transferring of the DNA collections. This can be made available as requested.

If you have additional questions, please contact one of our DNA Testing Experts at 1-800-883-0265. The process is confidential, simple, and friendly!

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