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Maternity Tests

Maternity tests are done to determine if an alleged mother is the actual biological mother of a child.  This type of test is less common than paternity testing but is used often for cases of foundlings or adoption.

Why order a maternity test?

It may be that a mother is looking to find a child put up for adoption, or the child looking to find an absent mother.  Having a maternity DNA test done can help provide peace of mind that the adoptee is actually being reunited with the true mother.

Maternity tests are also an option for mothers who have undergone gestational surrogacy, which is when an egg and sperm from two separate donors are implanted into the uterus of the surrogate mother. A maternity DNA test would confirm if the intended ovum was implanted into the surrogate mother if there were questions and uncertainty.

Maternity tests are also used in situations where there is a suspicion that possibly a baby mix up might have happened at the hospital.

How accurate are DNA maternity tests?

A maternity DNA test can also be done to provide conclusive proof that the mother is the biological mother of the child in circumstances where available documentation doesn’t provide solid enough evidence.

Our maternity test is 100% accurate and provides conclusive results regarding the relationship.

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When You Would Want to Order a Maternity DNA Test

  • If you are adopted and you think you have found your birth mother.
  • To make sure there were no mix-ups at the hospital when you gave birth and the baby you left the hospital with is actually your child.
  • If you had in vitro fertilization or gestational surrogacy and you want to make sure the eggs implanted were yours.
  • If you suspect your mother may actually be your aunt or another person.

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