Medical Weight Loss – DNA Testing for Healthy Weight

In the world of medical weight loss, DNA testing is at the forefront of advanced weight loss solutions. With so many diet and weight loss programs inundating you with conflicting information how do you know what will work best for your body? Medical weight loss isn’t surgery procedures or taking diet pills of some kind, it is weight loss based on scientific research and evidence that targets the root causes of why your body gains weight and holds onto fat.

With Healthy Weight DNA testing you will receive insights about your body that have never before been available. This testing will analyze your genes that work specifically with diet and exercise and give input on how to also potentially optimize your health and well being with this knowledge. No more guesswork and expending time, money and energy into weight loss solutions that don’t work for your particular body.

This report provides results in four key areas that can help you to achieve a healthy weight.

Weight Loss Ability

The genes tested in this category are related to your ability to lose weight through diet and exercising. Medical weight loss insights into how you might change your diet and exercise routines to optimize fat-loss results are provided in this test.

The genes included in this category have all been shown in studies to have statistically significant associations with a person’s ability to lose weight and keep it off. Studies have shown people have significantly different weight loss responses based upon their genetic profile. Find out what your genetic profile is and what weight loss solutions will work best for you to have a healthy weight for your body.

The Best Foods Category Ratios

Your gene profile will indicate what ratios of carbohydrates, fat, and proteins will work best for your body to lose weight.

What Nutrients Will Support Your Metabolism to Burn Fat

Many micronutrients are involved in the body’s metabolism of fat, carbohydrates and protein. This report will show you which nutrients your body needs, based on your genetic profile, for optimal metabolism function to help you burn fat.

What Type and Amount of Exercise Will Help Your Body Burn Fat Faster

This test will tell you what kind exercise and how much exercise is needed to help you lose weight based on your genotype.

Your test will provide you with a detailed explanation of each of these four categories along with success strategies to help you achieve the medical weight loss results that haven’t been possible in the past without this valuable information about your genetic profile.

Medical Weight Loss – DNA Testing Results

How Results are Determined

We provide a genetic analysis that indicates which gene combinations you have in each category. You receive a rating based on our calculated score for each trait in a category.

We use the largest and most scientifically valid genome-wide association studies to calculate a score for the different genes or gene combinations.

This guidance may give you that extra edge in finding the right weight loss solutions that help you maximize the results you get from dieting and exercise to help you finally get to the healthy weight that is right for you.

Your Healthy Weight DNA Testing Kit Includes:

  • Easy to use kit with detailed instructions
  • Discreet shipping
  • One low price includes kit + results
  • Results are confidential
  • Easy online ordering – no pressure from salespeople

Medical Weight Loss

Commonly Asked Questions

For our relationship testing we can test “non-standard” DNA samples, however, for the Medical Weight Loss – Healthy Weight DNA Test we only accept mouth swab samples.

We want to make sure your results are always protected and private. You will be able to access your results on a private page only you can see. This page is where your results will be available for you to see and to be able to print if you want a copy to keep in a safe place.

Yes. We know not everyone has a degree in genetics, and therefore we make sure the results are easy to read and understand. We are always available for questions after your results are ready as well.

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