Y DNA Test

The sex chromosome “Y” is passed only from a father to his sons. Women do not receive a Y chromosome. Testing the Y chromosome enables investigation into a male’s paternal family line. The Y-Chromosome test, sometimes also referred to as a Y-STR comparison or simply the Y DNA test, is a test that can be done between two males to determine if they share the same male ancestral line. Males who have a common male ancestor will have the same Y-Chromosome.

It is frequently used in paternity cases where the father in question is unwilling or available for testing. A Y DNA test can help determine whether or not a child is related to the alleged father’s brothers or other paternal male relatives such as cousins, nephews, uncles, grandfather and grandson, etc. who share a common paternal line. It can also be done between two or more alleged half-brothers.

Although men are the only ones with the Y-Chromosome women can still use a Y DNA test to help determine their paternal relatives. They would need for a male relative, such as a paternal grandfather, paternal uncle or brother to take a Y DNA test to help determine a biological relationship on the paternal side.

How Does a Y-Chromosome DNA Test Work?

Y-STR is an abbreviation for Short Tandem Repeats (STRs) which are found on the male specific “Y” chromosome. The coding genes, primarily found on the short arm of the Y-Chromosome, are essential to male sex determination and other male associated functions. Since the Y-Chromosome is passed down from father to sons relatively unchanged from generation to generation and rarely mutates, this Y DNA test analyzes the different genetic markers along the Y-Chromosome and then genetic profiles for these markers are created. These Y-Chromosome profiles are then compared to see if there is a match between the testing parties. Generationally related males through the paternal line will have identical or at least very similar Y-STR profiles.

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