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DNA testing is a modern day tool for revealing the truth to questions you may have about family relationships giving you the answers you deserve to know. DNA testing can help you get to the truth about family relationship uncertainties and suspicions so you can finally have peace of mind. We understand and are here to help you get the right test with guaranteed accurate results.

DNA testing is widely used for determining the father or mother of a child, grandparentage and siblingship determination as well as many other issues where there is a need to an answer to a possibly troubling question.

Our 24 marker DNA testing is guaranteed to be at least 1000 times more conclusive and accurate than the industry standard 16 marker DNA testing!

All of our DNA tests are performed through our internationally accredited laboratory with whom we have a corporate partnership to perform these services. We test 24 genetic markers for complete accuracy so you can have the answers you need and get the closure and assurance that each of our clients needs. DNA testing with so many additional markers enables our testing to be more accurate than other DNA tests that only use 16 markers and allows us to draw conclusive results nearly every time.

Our customer care team are there to assist every one of our clients by telephone, or email, walking each person through every step of the process and answering all questions about our services.

DNA Tests We Offer


Do you have any doubts about who the father of your child is? Do you need to get answers quickly and in full confidentiality? Find out for certain with our home paternity test. We test 24 genetic markers to ensure you get the most accurate results possible in just 2-3 working days. Click Here to learn more.


Do you share one biological parent or both biological parents? Or perhaps none? DNA Testing Experts offers the most accurate sibling DNA testing with the highest number of genetic markers to help siblings find out whether they share both a biological mother and a biological father, only one biological parent or have no parents in common. Click here to find out more about Sibling DNA Testing


DNA testing can tell you conclusively whether the mother in question is the true biological mother of a child or not. DNA maternity tests can be used for adoption issues, in vitro fertilization cases, confirmation the baby wasn’t mixed up at the hospital and for cases when you think your mother might actually be a relative or someone else. We guarantee the most accurate results possible in just 2-3 working days. Click here to visit our Maternity page


When you need to establish the aunt or uncle of a child, which is called an Avuncular relationship, we can provide the answer. Click here to learn more about this specialized test.


best grandparent dna testWhen the alleged father is unavailable for testing, the father’s biological parents can be tested to determine whether they are the true biological grandparents of the child. Click here for more information. 

Twin Zygosity

We provide an affordable twin DNA test for zygosity to determine if twins are identical or fraternal. We test a full 24 markers to make certain of the result. Learn more by clicking here.

Infidelity DNA Testing

Cheating SpouseDo you suspect you have a cheating spouse? Don’t just wonder or imagine what the truth is. Find out for certain with infidelity DNA Testing. Click here to learn more about this specialized test.

Medical Weight Loss – DNA Test For Healthy Weight

Find out what foods, diet and exercise work best with your specific genotype. No more guessing or trial and error. Receive insights about your body that have never before been available and get that extra edge in finding the right weight loss solutions that help you maximize the results from dieting and exercise! Learn more by clicking here.

How DNA Testing Works

We send you a DNA test kit for you to collect your DNA samples from a mouth swab for testing and analysis. When you send the samples to our testing laboratory and it is received, the lab checks each sample package for signs of tampering. If the package is intact, it then undergoes DNA testing. When the testing is completed your results are delivered to you via an online private portal that only you will have access to.

Results are always handled in a confidential and secure method to protect your privacy.

Private and Secure Accredited Testing Accurate Results Honest  Pricing
Our experts take several steps to ensure your complete privacy and security of genetic data you don’t want to share with anyone. All DNA testing is performed in AABB accredited labs, ensuring consistently updated standards to keep pace with technology. We test a higher number of genetic markers than required by industry standards. This means a more accurate test for you. We are committed to providing you the highest qualtity tests at a fair and reasonable price