Sibling DNA Testing

Sibling DNA Testing is a DNA test process that is performed to determine if two people share one or both parents. This is an alternate way to determine paternity, or in some cases maternity, when the father or mother in question is either unwilling or unavailable to perform a paternity or maternity test.

When to Test Half or Full Sibling DNA Testing

When the mother of two siblings is known for certain to be the biological mother but there is not certainty that the siblings share the same biological father this would be when full sibling DNA testing would be performed. If the test determines the father in question is the biological father then the test results would confirm them to be full siblings.

You would only do a full sibling test if two siblings shared the same mother.

Half Sibling vs Not Related DNA Testing

If the two siblings did not share the same mother but suspected they might share the same father then a half sibling DNA test would be what you would test for.

A half sibling DNA test to determine paternity can be done between just the siblings without including the mother’s DNA sample. However, including the mother’s DNA to the testing is encouraged if it is possible so her markers can be backed out of the test results allowing the lab technicians to only focus on the remaining markers in the test allowing for more conclusive and accurate test results. We do not charge any extra to include testing of the biological mother if her DNA test sample is included at the time of the order.

When conducting any relationship DNA testing to determine if a biological father is shared, the mother of the siblings (full sibling test), or of one of the siblings (half sibling test) is always encourage to provide their DNA for testing. We understand that in many cases the biological mother may not be available, however, the test can still be performed with accurate and conclusive results.

We test 24 markers vs the industry standard of only 16 markers for our sibling DNA tests. You get the most accurate results for the best price!

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